ETHIOPIA – On the war in Tigray

Ethiopia is a multinational state with more than 100 different ethnic groups and the largest landlocked country in the world. The country is currently dominated by the Amhar group, the second most populous group in Ethiopia. The next most populous group are the Tigray, who are settled in northern Ethiopia. The Tigray People’s Liberation Army were in power from 1995 to 2012. In 2018, Abiy Ahmed, an amaher, won the elections. In 2019 he won the imperialist Nobel Peace Prize for reconciliation with neighboring Eritrea, which was formerly part of Ethiopia. Under Ahmed, many Tigray were forced out of their positions in the state apparatus and in business. He wants the individual tribes to no longer have so much power and to centralize the state more strongly. Abiy Ahmed significates the “opening up” for the western imperialist countries and made a lot of new contracts on economical issues with the EU.

There should have been parliamentary elections in Ethiopia in the summer, but Ahmed postponed them for a year because of Corona. The Tigray People’s Liberation Front sees this as an attempt by Ahmed to remain illigetim in power. Tigray would have the right to self-determination and self-administration. Heavily armed police officers then marched and a regional government army base was taken over by the regional government. Ahmed used this as an excuse to launch a military attack against the Tigray region. But you know next to nothing about the battlefield. Journalists and NGOs are not allowed to enter the area. According to official government reports, Tigray has been captured by the Ethiopian government. Rebel groups from Tigray behaved just the opposite. There are some voices that speak of massacres on civilians, lack of electricity, lack of water and internet, and human rights violations. Thousands of people are fleeing to neighboring Sudan, where the basic needs of the people are not ensured and the people suffer hinger and diseases. The neighboring Eritrea is supposed to support the Ethiopian central government in the fight against the Tigray. During Eritrea’s War of Independence from Ethiopia, the Tigray from Ethiopia were the driving force in the conflict. The Tigray region is Eritrea’s immediate neighbor.

The Ethiopian central government is now saying that Tigray’s capital Mekele has been captured and the conflict is over. In truth, the fighting continues. The war in Tigray is led at the expense of the different nationalities and its people. The civilian population carries the suffering. The character of the imperialist “Nobel Peace Prize” shows again its true face, because two years after the prize was given to Ahmed, the government used the situation to start a war against the people.

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