TUNISIA – Uprising on the 10th anniversary of fall of Ben Ali

The 10th anniversary of the fall of the Ben Ali regime in Tunisia (January 14, 2011) was remembered this year with a great rebellion and uprising of the peoples and workers in 15 cities of the country. The fall of the Ben Ali rulership was accomplished within the “Arab Spring”, the great uprising and struggle of the oppressed masses in many Arab countries.

Especially young people from the suburbs went on the street and stood steadfast against attacks of the police. The clashes with the police broke out Friday evening, and more than 600 people had been arrested by Monday. The young people used rocks and Molotov cocktails at police who have fired teargas at them. Five nights in a row the people were on the street and defended themselves in struggle against the police. On Sunday, the ministry imposed a curfew from 4 p.m. to 6 a.m. citing the need for a “comprehensive quarantine” to stem the spread of COVID-19. That curfew is obviously not against COVID-19, but against the justified protest of the people.

Much of the unrest has hit working class neighbourhoods, where the anger against the ruling classes is huge, because unemployment and poverty is very high. One third of the youth are unemployed and now the aggravation of the capitalist crisis is hitting the workers and the peoples even more. The people see that also after the fall of the Ben Ali government, the polics is made against the people and in favor of the ruling classes, they have learned in the decade from the 2011 uprising.

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