BALKANS – Common declaration against new imperialist war

Following we document an unofficial translation of a declaration from different countries of the Balkans. It is a common declaration of different progressive Organizsations, calling for struggle against the preparation of a new war on the Balkans.

Let‘s uprise against a new war

In the 1990s, Yugoslavia was separated in the blood of its people. This breakup was made from the nationalist forces that occurred in the top of the system itself, reviving all those criminal ideas and collaborationist forces that were defeated during the National Liberation Struggle during World War .

After more than two decades since the end of the interethnic conflicts, the accelerated development of the general crisis of capitalism and the growth of interimperist tensions, war drums are heard again in Yugoslavia. It is again trying with a nationalist madness that would affect the masses and caused new conflicts. Again rattling weapons, form criminal falanges and accelerated militarization of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and other parts of the Balkans.

The peoples of the Balkans are today enemies of the imperialists with their occupying boot, their bases, its multinational monopolies, their banks and debt slavery that imposed new colonialism.

The peoples of the Balkans today are enemies all their puppet regimes that are ready to serve these occupiers in robbery and troubled on their own peoples and their interests.

Today, the Balkans are enemies all nationalist and fascist hordes under various flags that, serving powerful lords, want to achieve their crazy and reactionary ideas on the blood of others and their own people.

We, followers of the idea of NOB and the struggle of all Balkan peoples against fascism, are determined to defend these ideas today and oppose an upcoming war that can affect the entire Balkans.

We invite all truly progressive and freedoming parts of the Balkan peoples in defending their people, their countries in a common camp of the capital and their nationalist and fascist phalans who try to push our folks in new wars.

Struggle for peace among the Balkan peoples!

Combat nationalist hatred and for freedom and communion of all Balkan peoples!

Combating imperialist occupiers, war carriers and their criminal policy!

Balkan resistance movement!

  • Partija Rada
  • Antifašistička akcija BiH
  • Revolucionarni savez rada
  • Antifašisti Cetinja
  • Radnički pokret
  • AntifaSo

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