NEPAL – Protest against sale to US capital

Last Sunday, Nepal saw some fierce fighting between the popular masses and the police. The protests were directed against the infrastructure program financed by the USA from the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

In this project, over 500 million U.S. dollars are to be used to expand roads and the power grid. The popular masses oppose this sale to US capital. The police used riot control weapons against the people, such as water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas. Numerous people were injured or arrested during the protests.

The rulers propagate that it is a “gift” to Nepal, but it is nothing but a tool of the imperialists to develop bureaucratic capitalism in the country to further oppress and exploit. Resistance and protest against the US imperialism is more than justified, especially the Nepalese people have already proven in recent history that they have something to oppose the old, rotten system!

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