ASIA – International Women’s Day is upheld in struggle

This year again, the international womens day, the 8th of March saw great activities in struggle. In Asia, this is mostly the struggle in oppressed countries. The struggle of the emancipation of the women is nothing „seperated“. It is the stuggle of the proletariat and the oppressed peoples.

The patriachy in semi-feudal and semi-colonial countries means for the toiling women the most gruesome kinds of oppression and exploitation. As Chairman Mao said: „A man in China is usually subjected to the domination of three systems of authority [political authority, family authority and religious authority]…. As for women, in addition to being dominated by these three systems of authority, they are also dominated by the men (the authority of the husband). These four authorities – political, family, religious and masculine – are the embodiment of the whole feudal-patriarchal ideology and system, and are the four thick ropes binding the Chinese people, particularly the peasants.“

The imperialists have tried to bring the costs of their deepening crisis on the shoulders of the oppressed people. The working situation in these countries, but also other social rights like childcare have increasingly worsened in the crisis. For the women this has deepened their „domestic imprisonment“. The growing threat for new imperialist wars, not only in Ukraine, but also in the South Chinese Sea will also be carried out on the backs of the peoples. This is what the toiling women are faced with.

Here we want to document some examples of the women‘s struggle on this year‘s 8th of March. In many countries, the imperialists not only try to suppress these struggles, but also to use them to their advantages. Against these illusions we must declare, that only through revolution, only though proletarian leadership and only through the militant struggle of the women themselves can the yoke of the Patriachy be broken. This is the question of New Democratic revolution. It is as Chairman Mao said: Women hold up half the Sky.


A statement by the group „Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)“ in light of the 8th of March makes it clear that the imperialist occupation is the root of the cruel oppression of the women in Afghanistan: „The women of Afghanistan, who have been held captive by the most misogynist and inhuman group in the history of our country, due to the 20-year betrayal and crimes of the US/NATO and their Afghan mercenaries, are living in cruelly odious times. … But just as Afghan women have borne the brunt of over 40-year war and terror, therefore have a deep grudge against the perpetrators of barbarism and tyranny and will not easily succumb to the pressure, oppression and restraint of Taliban.“

As of lately, US imperialism tried to instrumentalise the justified struggle of the Afghani women in a heinous manner. „For twenty years, the Western corporate media has decorated a handful of Afghan women serving the American and NATO invaders and used them as a cover for crimes, betrayals and the tragedy of women’s rights in Afghanistan.“ RAWA says correctly: „So let us not allow the reactionism and imperialism, by taking this day hostage, empty it of its combative content to the point of making a fuss and expressing false love to women in order to hide their misogynist nature behind it.


Many activities have happened on the occasion of the 8th of march in Turkey.

In Izmir, western Anatolia, multiple loud and confident ralleys were held. The website „Yeni Demokrasi“ reports that slogans of „women‘s revolution“ were sung and the names of murdered women were read.

In the Taksim suqare in Istanbul, protesters breached the police blockade and the women‘s demonstration took place in a militant manner.

Thousands of women took to the street on the 8th of March in Ankara, for a „feminist night walk“. „They walked with slogans and paroles in Sakarya Square. In the action, the women demanded preventive policies to prevent women’s killings’ and ”Istanbul Agreement” They also demanded to release political prisoners.“ reports Yeni Democrasi. The Patriachy, the violence against women is bound to deepen with the drastic increase in prices in Turkey, especially food prices, amongst other costs of the crisis, that are put on the shoulders of the people, especially the women.

In Dersim, a women’s Platform against “poverty, inequality, violence” organized a march. They celebrated with the New Democratic Women in the Seyit Rıza Square.

In the Dersim Region, about a year ago many revolutionary fighters of the Liberation Army of the Workers and Peasants of Turkey (TIKKO), that is under the leadership of the Turkish Communist Party/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML) were martyred in drone bombings. The memory of Comrade Deniz, of Nubar and Rosa, of the many more martyrs of the turkish revolution lives on in the 50th year of the foundation of the party. The rally shows that the People‘s movement is not seperated from the People‘s War, the revolutionary movement in Turkey.


In Kathmandu, women protested against tax for hygiene products. This comes only shortly after the announcement of sales of public property to US imperialism.


In Tokio, ralleys were being held.


In Gaza, Palestine, a so-called „Green Light“ march was organized for the 8th of March. 60 Palestinian women, including 22 minors were killed in Gaza by Israeli forces in the last year. Still, demonstrations take place.

The great PFLP militant Khalida Jarrar said in 2021, one year ago: “To the glorified women of Palestine and the world, we receive March 8yh at a time while the whole of humanity is facing the COVID19 pandemic from one side and the systems of oppression, racism and colonialism from the other. A thousand greetings to the voices resisting this oppression and subjugation. May women remain at the forefront of this resistance, and March 8th as a symbol of liberation.”


In Pakistan, many ralleys took place. A representative of a union of home-based women workers said: “Women in Pakistan have been facing immense problems at economic, social and political fronts and they will continue their struggle till they succeed in achieving their rights. Their demand is peace, bread and equality.” Especially with the crisis, women in Pakistan are often hired as „informal workers“, without any rights and thus their exploitation is deepened. These women workers held ralleys.

It is to be noted that in Pakistan, not unlike Afghanistan, the „western“ imperialists try to use the women‘s struggles as part of their interests in a more favorable government, that sells out the country to them and not the Chinese competetors.


In Jakarta, Indonesia, amongst other places, ralleys were held. The protests were directed against sexual violence, which has increased in Indonesia. Also, there was a protest of women workers against the „Omnibus Law“. The legislation that brings worsening of job conditions in a wide range of jobs should be revoked.


In the Philippines, a big ralley took place in Manila against the “undemocratic, misogynistic, militarist governance” of the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte. “In its six years, the Duterte administration has reached record-breaking inflation rates and neck-deep national debt, burying women and the people to deeper poverty and crisis as it desperately clings to power by silencing dissent through grave human rights violations,” said an activist. Human rights violations up to indiscriminate bombings of the country have increased drastically.

Meanwhile President Duterte declared: I join the Filipino people in the observance of women‘s month.“ This is hypocracy of one of the most anti-women presidents the Philippines have seen. When Duterte was Mayor of Davao, it became the „rape capital“ of the Philippines. Duterte has demanded violence against women of the revolutionary movement, the People‘s War in the Philippines. He said captured female militants of the New People‘s Army (NPA) that fights under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) are to be shot in the vagina. This reactionary hatred against the emancipation of women is complementary to the politcies of selling out the country to the imperialists, that aggrivates the hardship for the women of the people.

In a statement the CPP said: „It is significant that in ten days, we are set to mark the 50th anniversary of the Makabayang Kilusang ng Bagong Kababaihan (Makibaka), the forerunner of the women’s liberation movement in the Philippines, which has been at the vanguard of women’s struggle over the past five decades. The militance and courage of the Makibaka continues to inspire women to shoulder ever important tasks in rousing the people and in waging revolutionary armed struggle. From among the ranks of Makibaka have emerged Red fighters and commanders of the New People’s Army. … As the chronic crisis of the ruling semicolonial and semifeudal system worsen amid the international capitalist crisis, Filipino women are bound to rise up in greater numbers, building and strengthening their unions and women’s committees in factories, community and campus organizations, marching on the streets and waging all forms of mass struggle, and joining the revolutionary armed struggle to fight for national and social liberation.“


In India, big popular struggles are organized in light of the general strike on 28th of March. The situation of the women also has drastically worsened, as a result of the crisis and the pandemic and the repressive and sell-out policy of the government of Narenda Modi, lackeys to imperialism.

The women in India have suffered a lot under the legislatio that cut people‘s democratic and social rights in India. In the great farmer‘s protests, international reports have mentioned the great participation and active role of women. Especially the „casteless“ women, and the nationally oppressed tribal (Adivasi) women are suffering under the Hindu-Fascist rule in India.

In their repressive campaigns against the People‘s War in India, the politically most developed revolution in the world, the Modi government and their imperialist masters systematically use violence against women. Especially against Adivasi women, who are organized in large numbers in the People‘s War. The biggest women‘s organizazion of India (kratikari mahila sanghatan) is under the leadership of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) called upon all party cadres, militants of the People‘s Liberation Guerilla Army and all revolutionary masses to celebrate the 8th of march in a militant manner. Posters have been designed for this purpose.

A great ralley of more than 10 000 Adivasi was organized in Bastar, Chattisghar. The ralley, that is said to be more than two kilometers long consisted of men and women. With banners, slogans and dancing the revolutionary Adivasi masses protested for „women‘s equality and rights that can only be realized by overthrowing the imperialist rule“. Members of the CNM provided cultural programme. A video was published.

Only with New Democratic Revolution, the women in India can gain their freedom.

Women hold up half the sky!
Long live proletarian internationalism and international solidarity!

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