INDIA – News on People‘s War

The last months show an increase in conflicts in the People’s War, the revolutionary movement in India. These take part in the strategical “counter-insurgency”-campaigns SAMADHAN. Last year, as part of this it was announced the start of a new offensive by the name of “Prahaar-3” that consists of a huge increase in troops into the revolutionary areas, to wage terror on the people and eliminate the revolutionary leaders.

Thus, the old Indian state is encreasing their bloody repression against the People’s War. Comrades of the People’s Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA), fighting under the leadership of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), were martyred in the struggle. Comrade Ravindra Gonju, zonal commander of Jharkhand, was killed in an encounter on February 17th. Militia commander Arjun alias Lakhma Sodi was killed on February 20th. Comrade Ritesh Punem, a PLGA commander was shot on March 12th. Platoon commander Lakhma Kawasi was killed on March 2nd.

Apart of this murderous offensive the enemy uses also psychological warfare. Thus, the false propaganda of the “surrender” of Madvi Hidma, member of the The CPI (Maoist) Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee (DKSZC) and Battalion Commander, was spread by the ruling classes. The DKSZC condemned this propaganda. Comrade Hidma was among the people of Dandakaranya in the guerrilla bases, Comrade Vikalp said.

drawing of Comrade Madvi Hidma

In January, “resistance days” in Jharhkand have been observed. These protests were held in Solidarity against the arrest of Comrade Prashant Bose and his wife Sheela Marandi. Comrade Prashant Bose, or Kishan is one of the greatest revolutionaries leaders of the Party. When the CPI(Maoist) was formed by the merger of the Maoist Communist Centre of India (MCCI) and the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (People’s War), Comrade Kishan signed as general secretary of the MCCI.

Comrade Kishan is arrested on November 21st last year

Many activities have been observed as part of this. The CPI(Maoist) forces from January 21 to January 26 blew up two mobile towers in Giridih District on the intervening night of January 21-January 22 and again blew up a bridge on the night of January 22/23 in the same district. They again blasted a mobile tower in the Kharki Area of Vishnugarh Block of Hazaribagh district on the morning of January 26 and also hoisted black flags on January 25 in Dumri and Madhuban police station areas of Girdih district. On January 27 a bandh (state wide strike) was observed in Jharkhand-Bihar. As part of this, a part of a railroad track in Giridih district was blown up. Train services on the Howrah-New Delhi route were disrupted for around six hours.

Sabotage activities as part of the “resistance days”

It is noteworthy, that the destruction of mining utilities and such, often framed as “anti-developement” is directed against the imperialist monopolies projects in rural India. These monopolies from imperialist countries have brought the Indian economy and the old Indian state under their complete rule. Therefore, forced deportations in order for the foreign monopolies to mine, as well as “special economic zones” where the workers are stripped of the most basic rights and work for hunger wages, are put in place by the loyal lackeys in the government. The Indian ruling classes are profiting too from this sell-out of the country.

Like shown in a recent case, on March 7th, the East Division Committee Secretary, Comrade Aruna of the CPI(Maoist) issued a statement accusing the Member of the Legislative Assembly (a state politician) K. Bhagyalakshmi of making profits by handing out licenses for Bauxite mining to the mining mafia, the imperialist monopolies. With the CPI(Maoist) attacks it becomes impossible for the imperialists to expand in these areas. This is required for a real kind of change, a qualitative development of the productive forces. To rid the Indian masses of all the ailments, the semi-colonial, semi-feudal exploitation and oppression has brought over the country, it is necessary to break the rule of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism.

A burned construction machine in Odisha

On the 10th of March a bandh was called again for the states of the Bihar-Jharkhand area, called by the Bihar-Jharkhand regional committee, against the fascist old Indian state’s offensive. In Gaya, a bomb was planted on trail tracks, inhibiting the transport for three hours. Militants set fire to a earthmover machine of a road construction company. Schools, colleges, block offices and other government offices were closed in many more districts than the ones affected the most. Cadres of the CPI(Maoist) distributed letters in the villages nearby warning against the joint operations of the CRPF and the Bihar police in the forest areas of the Gaya and Aurangabad districts. A speaker of the CPI(Maoist) compared the current all-out offensive of the old Indian state even with the current invasion of Russia in Ukraine. In India, the revolutionary areas are bombarded as well. Civilians are specifically being targeted in genocidal operations. For the imperialists it is not necessary to invade India, for the old Indian state is controlled by them and subordinated to their interests.For the peoples, the necessity of People’s War becomes stronger every day.

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