INDIA – Video of Communist Party of India (Maoist) militant in Kerala

Despite the “counter-insurgency”-campaigns, the People’s War is making progress.

An Interview was pubished on February 25th, where a woman cadre of the PLGA speaks about the movement in the south-Indian state of Kerala. The militant by the name of Anu says: “We feel that the people here are ready to accept us. But the government is placing hurdles on our paths towards making forays into the public. Though in a limited measure, we were able to overcome that. Police interventions and the presence of Thunderbolt forces are big hurdles to us. Since the security personnel depend on people for information, we should also fear traitors,”

Challenging the state forces, Comrade Anu said they were able to go to the people and talk to them, even in places where government has deployed 300 to 400 security personnel. “This definitely shows peopleʹs support for us,” she said, exuding confidence that they will “succeed in broadening their base among the people”.

Youtube-Video of Comrade Anu

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