BULGARIA – Protest against US-American domination

For weeks the masses in Bulgaria have been taking to the streets, opposing the war in Ukraine, opposing NATO, opposing U.S. influence of Bulgaria – for a neutral and independent Bulgaria. The last demonstration took place on March 19.

The revolutionary organization, the Movement September 23, is also actively participating in the protests against the US-American influence in Bulgaria.

The concrete reason for the March 19 demonstration was the visit of U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, on the same day. The aim of the visit was to uninstall the Bulgarian air defense system, as well as the involvement of Bulgaria in the war. The September 23 Movement commented (own translation): “And what exactly are our interests: First of all, the preservation of the neutrality of our country and a firm rejection of all attempts for the Bulgarian people to be involved in a war against their interests (…) This includes both the rejection of the increase of U.S. bases and military contingents on our territory and the greatest crossing of all attempts to send weapons to Kiev.”

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