ACTUALIZED May Day 2021 – Report on the International Day of Struggle of the Working Class

This year’s May 1st, 2021, international day of struggle of the working class, was a strong and red expression of the struggle of the working class and the oppressed peoples against exploitation and oppression. In all parts of the world the workers and peoples rose up and carried their demands and their great strength to the streets on their day of struggle. Despite curfews and tough restrictions in numerous countries, this May Day was celebrated with great force and demonstrated with many examples the strength, organization and the revolutionary struggle of the working class and the oppressed.

May 1st, 2021 took place in the midst of the intensification of the General Crisis of Capitalism, the massive aggravation of contradictions worldwide and bore this stamp. While the imperialists expand their acts of war and start new wars in order to gain new areas of influence and to assert their interests in the struggle for redistribution, for example in Ukraine, Belarus, Syria, Yemen, Sudan or Mali, the workers and oppressed peoples set against them on May 1st international solidarity and unity against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism. Above all, the oppressed peoples and nations rise up powerfully in the struggle against imperialist plunder and slavery, above all the People’s Wars that are being waged in Peru, India, Turkey and the Philippines. The masses rise by the millions in the aggravation of the General Crisis of Capitalism and the People’s Wars are their spearhead, showing them the way out of oppression and exploitation. Also in the imperialist countries we see more and more struggles of the working class and the masses and also that the revolutionary and communist forces develop, connect with the masses in their struggles and struggle to lead them.

May 1st as an international day of struggle for the working class is inextricably linked to the achievements and leaders of the working class. Friedrich Engels founded, based on the teachings of the ideology of the proletariat founded by him and Karl Marx, Marxism, in the struggle for international solidarity and unification of workers worldwide, May 1st as the international day of struggle of the proletariat. May 1st is a revolutionary day of struggle that develops the forces in the service of the Proletarian World Revolution. That is why we would like to highlight the international declaration on May 1st by Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties and organizations, which shows an important perspective in the struggle and the most advanced forces their next tasks. (We published it on our Website) We would also like to emphasize another May Day Declaration published by the Communist Party of India (Maoist). (We published it on our Website)

The first of May, as a demonstration of the strength and unity of the working class, also shows the necessity for its organization under revolutionary leadership, the creation of communist parties to guide and lead this path. Therefore, this year’s May 1st, in the light of the 100th year of the foundation of the Chinese Communist Party, is a special occasion to emphasize the need for the Communist Party. The Chinese Communist Party, with Chairman Mao at its top, not only freed a 600 million country from the bondage of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism, but in many ways reached the highest heights of previous developments in the struggle of the proletariat. Chairman Mao, brought about by the Chinese Communist Party and the previous experiences and achievements of the international proletariat, raised the proletarian ideology to its highest level, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. The five classics of the proletariat, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Chairman Mao, created the proletarian ideology as a weapon of the oppressed and exploited in struggle. To seize this weapon, to hold it up, to defend it and to apply it to the respective concrete conditions, is the task of the revolutionary and communist forces worldwide, in order to lead the revolution to victory, in the service of the Proletarian World Revolution.

Particularly noteworthy on this May 1st is the strong international expression of solidarity with the struggle of the poor and landless peasants in Brazil, led by their organization “League of Poor Peasants”. The old Brazilian state in connection with the feudal landowners is planning a massacre of the poor and landless peasants who have reclaimed their land in a hard struggle. International solidarity and the struggle to prevent the massacre is an important sign, that the struggle against semi-coloniality and semi-feudality, created by imperialism, is part of the world proletarian revolution and is directly linked to the struggle of the working class. The new democratic revolution against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism is gaining more and more expression and to uphold and defend that internationally is a strong expression of proletarian internationalism. May 1st showed in a powerful way that an important year of struggle lies in front of us, that the struggles are on the rise, that progressive forces have great things ahead of them to advance these struggles. To uphold the revolutionary tradition of May 1st, to struggle for the unity of the working class and the oppressed under revolutionary leadership, the great Friedrich Engels left us as a task for May 1st. This year’s May 1st showed us that there are many who take up this task with force and determination and make the International come alive!



In Brazil this years’ May Day was in the sign of struggle against the planned massacre in the Camp Manoel Ribeiro and showed the developing strggle for the Agrarian Revolution, as part of the New Democratic Revluiton angainst Imperialism, Feudalism and Bureaucratic Capitalism. That the struggle of the poor and landless peasants, led by their organization “Leauge of Poor Peasants” was held high this May Day in so many countries is a great example of internationalism and the unity of workers and oppressed people.



Revolutionaries in Colombia commemorated May 1 by standing with the masses in the ongoing uprising against the Old State’s proposed tax reform as well as police repression.



The revolutionary newspaper “Sol Rojista” published a picture of workers’ organizations and proletarian forces which stood at 1st of May against reformism and opportunism.


In Venezuela there was a huge transparent on this years May Day demonstration, which says “Yankees go home” and is directed against the hegemonic imperialist force, the US-imperialism.



Like mentioned above the Communist Party of India (Maoist) published a statement on May Day, where the party emphasizes this year’s 150 anniversary of the Paris Communie, as first dictatorship of the proletariat: “The toiling class of the world, especially the proletariat is going to celebrate May Day this year on the eve of 150 years of ‘Paris Commune’ where the proletariat held high the Red Flag and achieved state power. This is a big festive day for the entire proletariat of the world. It is the world proletariat rights day.”

As well there where reports that the Peoples Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA) made some victorious attacks on the infrastructure of the old Indian state around May Day 2021, and also a Badh (armed strike) was accomplished. We want to highlight that this year is the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the PLGA, a army in service of the people, which leads people’s war under the direcction of the CPI(Maoist).


The Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML) released a May Day statement (“To The Streets and Squares With, Unity, Struggle and Solidarity and With The Revolutionary Spirit Of 1st Of May On The Day Of International Proletariat and Oppressed, Exploited Labourers!”), in addition to signing the Joint International May Day Declaration which was mentioned above.

The statement emphasizes: “Chairman Mao’s remarks of “without a People’s Army, the people have nothing” is essential to show that the claim of revolution is nothing without this reality. In our age, the proletariat will always be defeated in the face of the bourgeoisie without organizing the revolutionary violence. Proletariat and MLM Parties and Organizations of the Proletariat must focus on the duties of the day and the future and turn the 1st of May to a day of unity, struggle and solidarity and the day of the international proletariat for the struggle of democratic revolution, socialism and communism under the guidance of MLM. It must take it as a challenge against imperialism and all kinds of reaction; because, the proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win!”

As well there was hard repression of the Turkish state against the May Day demonstrations, more than 200 protesters were arrested and many injured by the police. Despite this intimidations the people held high the 1st of May on the streets.


In the Philippines there where great mass protests to hold high the 1st of May. Also the Communist Party of the Philippines, the New People’s Army (NPA) an the National Democratic Front of the Philippines “Kabataang Makabayan” (NDFP) showed their strength in the struggle. Here we want to quote the “Official Statement Of Kabataang Makabayan (NDFP) On May Day 2021”, where there is highlighted the role of the NPA as the People’s Army in People’s War and the significance of the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune.

“The Kabataang Makabayan offers a red salute to all workers who continue to struggle despite the layers of abuse and oppression suffered under semicolonial and semifeudal society. Especially to the workers and all the proletariat who have embraced the sacrifice and hardship of the armed struggle — including the New People’s Army — for its desire to finally eradicate the exploitation of the proletariat within a world capitalist system.

On May 1, 2021, we celebrate not only the militant and militant history of the working class in the struggle for its legitimacy. Above all, we welcome the promise of a future that will offer the people the fulfillment of all that the proletariat has fought for since the Paris Commune of 1871.”


Also in Palestine there where May Day demonstrations and since some days there are hard struggles of the people against the oppression of the Israeli state.



In Austria there where many May Day demonstrations in various cities. Especially we want to highlight the demonstration in Vienna, Linz and Innsbruck, where revolutionary and communist forces put the slogan “Forge the revolutionary organization of the working class” and also took posters with the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Chinese Communist Party and the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune.

Also there where many activities against the planned massacre in the Brazilian camp Manoel Ribeiro and in solidarity with the League of Poor Peasants (LCP).


In France the revolutionary and communist forces made activities and joined demonstrations in various cities. Here you can see pictures which were made from 1st of May.

There where also hard fights with the police at the May Day Demonstraions in Paris.


In Germany the revolutionary and communist forces took part in many demonstrations in the country and also made actions with hanging Red Flags with Hammer and Sickel in a lot of places in many different cities. As well the solidarity with the struggle of the poor and landless peasants in Brazil was expressed strongly.



The progressive forces of Ireland participated in a May Day demonstration. As well was a video published at 1st of may on the struggle of the Communist Party of Peru.



In Norway 1st of May was made a struggling and revolutionary day with the activities of the revolutionaries and communists. Also there were made actions where red flags were hung up in the cities.


Also in Denmark a red May Day was held and Red Flags where hung up in the cities.


On the 1st of May the revolutionary organization ARK together whit the struggling union of nurses (SBMS ) under the banner of a new front organization – National Confederation of Labour (the green flags) – celebrated the first of May with an automobile protest around the city center of Sofia. The protest went in front the parlament, the presidency and the ministers palace. After this it head to a monument of Vasil Levski, an important bulgarian national revolutionary who stood for the poor against the rich, near Sofia to commemorate him.


More than 600 mine workers held a 1st of May demonstration and striked at May Day 2021 in order to struggle against lay offs and wage cuts of the mine workers, which are already payed very low wages. The demonstration had slogans which expressed the determination of the workers to struggle until their demands are fulfilled, because they “have nothing to loose”. They announced: “On May 1, in a protest march, we will warn the FBiH Government and Elektroprivreda that they cannot deal with miners like this”.



Revolutionary and communist forces held a strong first of May in the city of Austin.

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