SWEDEN – Determined struggle against fascists and police

The clashes and riots began on Thursday afternoon last week in Linköping when Paludan, a known Danish fascist wanted to burn a copy of the Koran in public, with the approval and support of the police. A counter-action was stormed by the police and numerous demonstrators were taken away in trucks. The masses, however, were not intimidated by this – on the contrary, the police eventually had to retreat and the protests spread to other parts of the country!

The protests spread already on Thursday to Norrköping, which was the next stop of the so-called Easter tour of the fascists. Hundreds of masked men protested. Firecrackers were fired at cars, a dozen cars were set on fire. During the day and evening, gangs of fascists could also be seen walking the streets of Norrköping and behaving aggressively. On Friday, about 100 counter-demonstrators showed up in Rinkeby, they disrupted and prevented the action of the fascists. The police stormed this counter-action in riot gear and tried to remove the demonstrators. Also on Friday, several hundred counter-demonstrators showed up in Örebro. Fierce clashes broke out again, four police cars were set on fire, stones were thrown at the police, and the police fired several warning shots. Finally, the police withdrew.

Although the Koran burning was moved to Malmö, the riots and protests continued. Protesters threw stones at police and pulled containers and barrier fences into the street. People poured lighter fuel on burning car tires in the middle of the street in one neighborhood and cars drove roughly on the road while police kept their distance.

The revolutionary news site kommunisten.nu from Sweden reported on the brave resistance of the masses (own translation):
“The brave inhabitants of Skäggetorp and Navestad did exactly the right thing in their reaction to the fascist act. The police got what they deserved for protecting and supporting the fascists. However, the bourgeois media is using the incident to reinforce their racist propaganda. They believe that the reaction given to the police and fascists to their actions is unacceptable. That violence has no place in a democracy. The Minister of Justice also sided with the fascists. The police threaten the participants of the riots with consequences, but nothing to the fascists. Social media say that the riot is a so-called “uncivilized” reaction to what is basically a violent act committed by Paludan. Liberal and fascist apologists do not understand that fascism has never been defeated with words, you also do not understand that by its act it threatens the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. They blindly defend the so-called “freedom of speech” of Paludan and other fascists.
The brave residents of Skäggetorp and Navestad understand this. They understand whose side the state and the police are on. They understand that you cannot fight fascism with passivity, but only by going forward and being tough against fascism. For this they should be praised. Through their action, they succeeded in putting an end to the Koran burning in Norrköping, and they showed the truth that all reactionaries are paper tigers.”

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