PHILIPPINES – News on the People‘s War

With the old bureaucratic state’s elections coming up in the Philippines, the fascist Duterte-regieme becomes more aggressive against the revolution. The blood spilled in the “counter-insurgency” campaigns flows, as areal attacks, among other things increase drastically in number. On the other hand, too, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New People’s Army (NPA) under it’s leadership are achieving some great successes with the support of the revolutionary masses.

Five elements of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) were wounded in a series of military actions launched by the NPA-MCC-South Central Negros between February 22 and March 02.

Last February 1st, the NPA launched Multiple Tactical Offensives Against Security Forces In Bicol Region. A unit of the Nerissa San Juan Command BHB-Catanduanes ambushed a team of San Miguel MPS and Catanduanes 1st PMFC intelligence operatives in So. Tucao, Brgy. GMA, San Miguel. The NPA seized two cal. 38 and one Beretta 9mm firearms and other military equipment. The team leader of the said unit, Police Sr. MSgt. Johnny Tiston was also killed.

Last January 28, three were killed while five were wounded in a successful ambush launched by the Jose Rapsing Command – NPA Masbate against 12 elements of the reactionary government’s armed troops in Brgy. Recodo, municipality of Cawayan in Masbate province.

Meanwhile, on January 23, a unit of the Tomas Pilapil Command BHB-East Camarines Sur attacked a team of the 83rd IBPA-Charlie Coy in Brgy. Pinamihagan, Lagonoy. They were able to seize a military pack containing 10 power banks and other military items. Two elements of the enemy force were also wounded during the offensive.

Last December, eight tactical offensives were also successfully launched by units of Celso Minguez Command-BHB Sorsogon, Santos Binamera Command-BHB Albay and Jose Rapsing Command-BHB Masbate in the towns of Daraga, Camalig and Legazpi City of Albay province, Pilar town in Sorsogon province and Esperanza town in Masbate province. These victories of the NPA belie enemy declarations that the revolutionary movement in Bicol has been crushed. The military just ended up proliferating fake news and launching grand pursuit operation after grand operation that the NPA has consistently been foiling.

There is the victories, as well as heavy losses. The CPP in a statement paid red homage to comrade „Ka Bok“. The statement sais:

Ka Bok earned the most rabid ire of the fascists because he successfully led the Party and armed revolution in Southern Mindanao from one level to another, because he roused and empowered the peasant and Lumad masses, because he helped plant and nurture the kernel of the people’s democratic government, and because he promoted and guided the people’s resistance against mining and other big capitalist operations that ravaged the land and plundered and destroyed the environment.“

Let us pay international support for the People’s War in the Philippines and pay homage to Ka Bok and all the martyrs that live on in the struggle.

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